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Terms & Conditions

Siret Volunteers agrees to the following:

  1. To give you pre arrival support and advice

  2. To arrange airport transfer 

  3. To full orientation on arrival

  4. To facilitate an adequate volunteer placement area suitable to you

  5. To provide full pre-arrival support 

  6. To ensure you have a named supervisor on placement

  7. To ensure you are supported by a local coordinator

  8. To refer you to safe, reliable and adequate accommodation for the duration of your stay

  9. To provide you with fair and adequate advice on your stay abroad

  10. To provide you with guidance and support before and during your stay

  11. To give you the option to stop any and/or all volunteering activities at any time

  12. To provide an itinerary as personalised as possible, tailored to your specific objectives

  13. To respect for your privacy, including keeping your personal information confidential-in compliance with Data Protection Regulations

  14. To take precautions to ensure your safety and adequate experience

  15. To ensure we work fairly and safely with local partners and the community that come in contact with our volunteers.

  16. To provide as much professional guidance as possible for your vocation

  17. To exercise care and due diligence to ensure the safety of anyone being facilitated by Siret Volunteers and any placements we offer

  18. To work fairly with community partners and local associates ​

  1. By receiving services from us, you agree to the following:

    1. To volunteer in placement in a safe, lawful, competent ethical and responsible manner 

    2. This is an international travel experience to volunteer, of which you will receive no monetary reimbursement for any activities.

    3. To read and comply with the information provided to you in the form of recommendations or instructions. Any information provided that is misused, overlooked or diverted from resulting in an adverse outcome will be your responsibility.

    4. To ensure you have adequate travel insurance and indemnity cover for the entirety of your trip

      1. Volunteers will be expected to invest in full comprehensive travel insurance, professional indemnity cover, any prophylactic treatments required and vaccinations prior to departure from their country of origin

    5. To ensure you obtain necessary VISA/permit to volunteer, before you start your placement

      1. Obtaining your VISA remains your responsibility. Siret Volunteers, parties and associates provide visa and entry information to support you and ensure you are informed.

      2. Any changes or decisions made by immigration to grant or reject a visa application, official entry or removal into or from a location or removal is out of our control. 

      3. Any material loss, time loss, or physical loss from a decision made by official relating to official entry into a country including visa grants or rejection will not be the responsibility of Siret Volunteers or any associated parties

      4. You remain responsible for  the status of your visa/permit or stay in the country you are being hosted; this includes any renewals and obtaining the correct visa/permit for the purposes of your stay.

    6. To abide by the law and any requirements of your stay in the country, including the conditions of your VISA of entry or permit

    7. To ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months on entry into a foreign country

    8. To provide Siret Volunteers with proof of professional practice/university paperwork/professional referral letter

    9. To provide proof of a recent criminal background check

    10. To ensure you are committed and have self prepared adequately prior to your arrival

  2. ​You will receive orientation on an agreed date after arrival and you agree:

    1. You understand that getting to and from placement everyday is your sole responsibility, including costs. 

    2. Not to use routes or modes of transport, not advised by coordinators​

    3. Having the means to appropriately attend placement within your agreed time frame is your responsibility.

    4. To respect local laws and culture


    1. Siret Volunteers expects that all volunteers will work within their scope of practice and lawfully when in practice. We will expect the volunteers to abide by the law at all times during their stay. Any diversion to this will arise in immediate removal from the program and immediate reporting to relevant parties, with no monetary reimbursement from Siret Volunteers. Further decision to remove the  volunteer from placement will remain at the discretion of the host. 

    2. We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate a volunteer’s placement at any time for non compliance to any laws or safety rules.

  4. We expect volunteers to:

    1. Be competent and professional in your duties and not behave negligently including performing work practices you are not trained or deemed competent to perform by a recognised professional body

    2. You will have access to sensitive client information which you are not permitted to share or publicise in any way

    3. Have explicit permission prior to performing any work or duties on site

    4. Have explicit permission and consent before performing any work or duties with any participants

    5. To accept when work local supervisors decline any tasks or work to be performed by volunteers for any reason

    6. To respect professional boundaries at all times

  5. ​During your stay we expect volunteers to:

    1. Respect and be sensitive to cultural differences at all times

    2. Respect all other volunteers, staff, houseguests and property and understand that rules are there for the comfort and safety of everyone.

    3. Agree not to take illegal substances or partake in any illegal activities while being hosted by Siret Volunteers. This is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal and reporting to authorities.Understand that you can be removed from placement/accommodation for failure to comply with terms of agreement or for any safety reasons at the discretion of staff.

    4. Report any issues to coordinators/supervisors.

    5. Report any changes to your accommodation ​

    6. Should you change your accommodation, to understand that this will be arranged by you at your own cost.

    7. Understand that you are responsible for your own belongings and any items you bring with you.

    8. Understand any loss or damage incurred to your belongings will not be the responsibility of Siret Volunteers or any associated parties.

    9. Understand any serious damage of property will result in immediate removal. Any serious damage by you will be sought financially or legally.

  6. Any illegal activity, disruptive or culturally insensitive behaviour or behaviour deemed offensive will result in possible removal from the program. And any costs incurred by you as a result of this will not be the responsibility of Siret Volunteers

  7. Any property damage incurred during the volunteer's stay by a volunteer will be sought directly with the volunteer

  8. To report any excursions, day trips, safari or getaways to local coordinators in a timely manner for your own safety

    1. To understand any potential risks during a trip or excursion is your responsibility

    2. Siret Volunteers is not liable should any harm/damage/issues that arise on an excursion

    3. Excursions are made outside of your agreed volunteer placement experience 

    4. Excursions taken outside of the main host location should be reported in a timely manner while still on placement or being hosted as a volunteer 


    1. Please remember to exercise respect and dignity for all locals you come across abroad. Locals hold the right to decline a photograph. Explicit consent must be gained before taking and publicising any photographs or any identifiable information. Guardians of children must explicitly give their consent before taking any photographs of children

    2. We will also use discretion and ask for explicit consent before taking or publicising any images of anyone involved in our work or otherwise. 

      1. A large part of our work involves raising awareness, publicising and marketing efforts, volunteers will be made aware that there will be regular instances where images are being taken

      2. Some images may be shared with partners or associates

      3. There will be efforts made to ask prior consent before images are posted online

      4. We will always use discretion to protect people's privacy

      5. No identifiable information (i.e full names, address, contactable information)  will be posted at any time


    1. We tend to be very flexible on amendments and will make every effort to work to your comfort, we really want you to volunteer. We understand that plans change, culture shock is a real thing and you're going on a big, often anxious journey all the way to Africa. However, once you've started your placement please be aware that you are making a commitment to this placement and its people. It is a huge disappointment for project partners when there is inconsistency or a volunteer quits their placement. 

      1. Therefore should you wish to amend/change your placement during your agreed placement time, there will be an administration fee of $60 USD. 

      2. Please remember that we are not obliged to immediately place you elsewhere and any amendments or changes to placement remains at our discretion.


    1. We want to avoid cancellations as much as you do, we want you to volunteer abroad. However, once a project fee has been paid we cannot offer you a full refund. This is because the majority of your payment will already have been committed to your stay abroad before you arrive. Therefore, this payment will not be fully recovered once a commitment by all parties have been made.

    2. There are no refunds available for registration fees. Your registration fee may be retained as a future booking fee.

    3. Refunds are not automatically given for cancellations. Written notice must be made of reasonable circumstances pertaining to cancellation. Once all parties are in agreement with the cancellation, the following applies:

      1. Cancellation 90 days or more before your agreed date of arrival: 70% refund of placement fee

      2. Cancellation 89 days to 60 days before your agreed date of arrival: 40% of placement fee 

      3. Cancellation 31 days to 59 days before your agreed date of arrival: 30% of placement fee 

      4. Cancellation 30 days or less before your agreed date arrival: no placement fee refund

      5. Cancellation on or after your agreed date of  arrival: no placement fee refund

      6. If you were referred to us via a primary agent, a refund claim must be made through your agent.

        1. There will be a $50 processing fee applied for any refunds made, which will be deducted from the total refund.

      7. Should we not be able to come to a resolution with you in regards to changes, cancellations or amendments during your stay abroad:

        1. We reserve the right to excuse you from our services and will no longer be responsible for your stay, including accommodation, supervision or coordination. 

        2. Any loss or costs incurred will no longer be our responsibility. 

        3. Any loss or costs including changes of departure date, flight bookings or stay outside of your agreed program is your responsibility. 

        4. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of your cancellations or changes.


  1. Siret Volunteers will not advise any volunteers to work beyond their scope of practice and will support anyone that chooses not to. 

    1. Therefore, we will not take responsibility for any issues/incidents/hazards/risks/harm that occur to any people/person or to themselves as a result of a volunteer acting or working unlawfully, unsafely, negligently, unethically or beyond their scope of practice at any time.

    2.  Responsibility of any and all potential risks and to anyone or themselves remains solely with the volunteer. 

    3. Responsibility to work safely, lawfully, competently and ethically is expected of all volunteers facilitated by Siret Volunteers without exception.

  2. ​Siret Volunteers reserves the right to dismiss any volunteers acting unlawfully, unsafely, negligently, unethically or beyond their scope of practice or behaving in a manner considered offensive or unacceptable at any time and in doing so will alert dangerous and negligent practices to authorities and professional bodies.

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