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Legal Advocacy | Law & Human Rights

A unique opportunity to contribute towards the work of challenging injustice and inequality. You will work with a small local law firm providing advocacy legal aid to disadvantaged people, vulnerable women and children preparing them for court and helping them navigate complex legal issues. Help to prepare cases and provide assistance to the busy legal team and learn how they manage their caseloads as well as champion justice along the way.

About the project

Age requirement: 18 years + 

Number of volunteers: Solo individuals, Groups & Families are welcome.

Duration: From 2 weeks to 12 months.

Start date: No specific start date, start at any time during the year.

Fees include:

  1. $150 registration fee

  2. $210 per week 

    • Accommodation​ (breakfast & dinner; dinner Mon-Fri)

    • Placement preparation before arrival

    • Full support and consultation before and after arrival

    • Airport pick up + drop off

    • Swahili Language class after arrival with an experienced professional instructor

    • A translator & dedicated Law Intern Coordinator (who has experience and qualifications in Tanzanian Law)

    • Project placement cover fee

Requirements: Degree/College level minimum first year Law; Humanities or related studies. Or minimum 6 months work experience in a related field


Duration: 4 weeks to 12 months. 


Your Role

  • Producing content for educational material advocating for disadvantaged peopleResearching human rights issues 

  • Writing content for human rights resources 

  • Raising awareness of human rights issues regarding ethnicity, gender, sexuality, immigration and other groups

  • Advocating for women, children and domestic violence issues

  • Helping to prepare clients for court cases

  • Helping clients understand complex legal issues

  • Helping with community disputes such as land and family inheritance issues

  • Helping advocate for women who have been the victims of domestic violence, honor violence, assault


Professional development opportunities

  • Produce content to educate the public and advance human rights

  • Intern alongside experienced human rights advocates

  • Gain insight into the socio economic impact on gaining fair representation

  • Gain knowledge on the current issue of inequality and they impact it has on people's lives

  • Produce educational content to educate the community and empower people with legal knowledge to self advance



  • Experience a life changing cultural journey to Tanzania

  • Gain perspective on how communities keep their cultures and traditions alive in a modern fast changing world

  • Gain new passion on advocacy and empowerment through knowledge

  • Get insight and invaluable knowledge from experienced legal advocates

  • Benefit from abundant learning opportunities including the opportunity to conduct independent study and research on the field.


This placement can be coincided with weekend work at the 'Women's Empowerment' project providing support, advice or educational training to the women every weekend in group sessions. Please enquire for details.

About Arusha, Tanzania

Tanzania belongs to the East African community, neighboured by Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Mozambique. Arusha is in northern Tanzania; a very unique and vibrant city at the base of Mount Meru, about an hour away from the tallest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. The city is surrounded by natural beauty being in close proximity to several national parks including Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Olduvai and Arusha National Parks.

Interestingly, Arusha hosted the international criminal tribunal for Rwanda and sits as the de facto East African Community capital. Despite being in a conservative and religious country, Arusha is regarded as more liberal and very open to foreigners. Perhaps due to its historical significance in the 1961 Arusha Declaration, which gave independence to modern Tanzania from the British Commonwealth. The city is very much a melting pot, multicultural and populated by people from all different backgrounds. The main language spoken is Swahili and a visitor would do well by learning a few of the many greetings. 


Where will you stay?

We provide safe, clean and comfortable accommodation, comfortable bedding, excellent breakfast and dinner and housekeeping. This will be a quiet and friendly neighbourhood only 15 minutes from the main hustle and bustle of town. You will have wifi, hot showers, 24 hour gated security, a domestic/cook (who will happily do your laundry for a small fee) and a coordinator who will ensure you settle in quickly and comfortably into your new town. This is a shared home where you will be staying with other volunteers and guests from across the world, so you will never be on your own in your new environment. The house is impeccably clean, well kept, modern and spacious.

How will you get around?

You have the choice of local transport including taxi’s (we have contacts of affordable, trusted drivers) who can get you around town or you can use the famous ‘dala dala’ mini buses that most Tanzanians use to travel locally everyday. Some people adapt very fast and choose to walk around, it is safe to do so however like with any new environment we strongly advise you to be aware of pick pockets and thieves. Always be safe and ask your coordinator before going anywhere new to you.


Important VISA & Permit Information

You will be required to pay a for a VISA for voluntary work assignment.

Please enquire for details.

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