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Children's Centre | Early Years Program

Volunteer to work in an children's center with child development and pre-school education Arusha. The centers provide food, shelter and care with a long history of looking after children who go on to have bright futures. The centers need volunteers to help provide childcare, play, help with feeding and caring for the children.

About the project

Age requirement: 16 years + 

Number of volunteers: Solo individuals, Groups & Families are welcome.

Duration: From 4 weeks to 12 months.

Start date: No specific start date, start at any time during the year.


  1. $75 registration fee

  2. $190 per week 

    • Includes accommodation​

    • Placement preparation

    • Airport pick up + drop off

    • Free 1 hour Swahili Language class with an experienced professional instructor

This project will focus on supporting the children reach their full potential as early as possible.

This is a vital community service these children's centres provide where local children can feel hopeful about

their future, learn and grow.

The Problem

With so much poverty and socioeconomic issues in Tanzania, many children end up being abandoned or

become orphans. There are many reasons that create this heartbreaking situation.

• Many mothers do not survive childbirth

• Unwanted pregnancies

• Lack of family planning/contraceptives available to prevent unwanted pregnancies

• Teenage pregnancies

• Babies born disabled or with special needs

• Families who cannot afford to feed or care for more children

As a result, there are many babies and children who need food, shelter, love and care. Local leaders in the

community have opened their homes, children centres or orphanages, to take care of vulnerable children. But

many need outside help and support to help them develop the children and meet their basic needs.


The Mission

Many bright and motivated volunteers have shone the light and shown the difference that can be made through

volunteering. By providing time and care, volunteers introduce new ideas, add extra help and development

to the work already being done. Some have even gone on to sponsor children, providing them with funding for

education until they finish school, giving children with a fighting chance at future. Through interaction with

foreigners, the children also learn how to easily engage with people from different backgrounds from them, they

pick up basic English very quickly and learn to love to socialize.

The children's ages range from babies, toddlers to 6 year's old.  Many of them need a lot of care and attention everyday. You will need to be motivated, positive and enjoy working with children as much as they enjoy playing with you.  


Your Stay

We provide safe, clean and comfortable accommodation, comfortable bedding, excellent breakfast and dinner and housekeeping. This will be a quiet and friendly neighbourhood only 15 minutes from the main hustle and bustle of town. You will have 24 hour gated security, a domestic/cook (who will happily do your laundry for a small fee) and a coordinator who will ensure you settle in quickly and comfortably into your new town. This is a shared home where you will be staying with other volunteers and guests from across the world, so you will never be on your own in your new environment. The house is impeccably clean, well kept, modern and spacious.


How will you get around?

For your placement, you will travel like a local and walk or take public transport. You will need to set a small budget aside for this (around $1 per day by local minibuses, 4 to 5 days per week). It is important you are prepared and comfortable to travel around town, this is a demanding role that requires dedication.


Important VISA & Permit Information

You will be required to pay for a VISA to enter the country at the airport. This is a quick and simple process at arrivals in the airport.

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Your role as a volunteer

Your role as a volunteer will be to assist the staff meet the children's development and social needs. 

The children require a lot of support and stimulation to learn throw play and social interaction. The centres mainly require general day to day and people who are enthusiastic, patient and passionate about child development. 

General childcare: Supporting the care of the children day to day. 

  • Overseeing the children during class time

  • Assisting the staff with the more disabled or children who need more attention during the day

  • Helping with the upkeep of the centre-cleaning, cooking and maintenance every day

  • Tending to the children during play time

Project Management: The centres require a lot of management support ensuring that it stays open. You can help by overseeing the weekly budget, fundraising, ensuring the centres are providing adequate meals, that the property is kept safe and clean, even photography or helping build their websites.

Training and supporting the staff: As well delivering small scale teaching and training to the local staff on first aid and general skills support. 


Teaching assistants, students and interns are vital to help deliver the care the children required as the centre is also understaffed.


Why this is important

Many of the children come from a very poor social background, have special needs, disabilities and require extra class room support, additional psychological care and special education.

These are exceptionally bright and engaged children who have the support of passionate and hardworking staff fighting for their futures. But there is so much more to be done. Many of the centres are in need of full refurbishment and stimulating and educational toys and equipment is needed to progress these children. 

Much deserved funds are desperately needed to help the centres progress and reach their full potential. Educational toys, books, classroom materials and food donations are also what volunteers have contributed which have made a huge, long term difference to the children.

But will you make a difference?

Yes. Many bright and motivated volunteers have shone the light and shown the difference that can be made through volunteering. By providing time and care, volunteers introduce new ideas, hope and healthcare at ground level, adding to the work already being done.

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