Image by Oladimeji Odunsi

Women's Empowerment

Join to help this incredible NGO that provides empowerment to women in Tanzania to build their dreams, goals and careers. Volunteer to help continue this amazing project!

About the Project

Age requirement: 18 years + 

Number of volunteers: Solo individuals, Groups & Families are welcome.

Duration: From 2 weeks to 6 months.

Start date: No specific start date, start at any time during the year.


  1. $75 registration fee

  2. $125 per week 

    • Includes accommodation​

    • Placement preparation

    • Airport pick up + drop off

    • Free 1 hour Swahili Language class with an experience professional instructor

The Problem 

Tanzanian women are beautiful, graceful and strong. But they are also one of the most vulnerable group in the country's population. Many of them are at risk or experience violence, abuse and are often forced into marriage at a very young age, skipping school education completely. This make it difficult to compete and keep up in a modern world that requires education to thrive and survive. These women have hopes and dreams like any group of young women around the world, the differences being not having the basic privileges others enjoy such as good education, stable homes or career opportunities.They are forced to put their dreams aside in order to survive sometimes harsh and cruel living situations that provide them no opportunity to progress and become independent. Many become pregnant at a young age with no family or community support, which often leads to abandoned or orphaned babies. This is problem that affects the entire community and local Tanzanian are leading the way to find solutions. 

"Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I'll rise."-Maya Angelou

Our Solution

"It takes a village..."-African Proverb. 

What you can do!

Volunteer to provide your time and talents to the foundation. As a Siret Volunteer, you will be helping provide support to this NGO which delivers training, legal support to train women about their rights, development, education, basic reading and writing. You will also have the opportunity to experience their simple and rural way of life. 


Your main objectives will be:


  • Support the foundation to take homeless girls off the street

  • Help with the daily running of training workshops and support sessions

  • Support the life counselling work run by the foundation staff which encourages the women to gain empowerment and independence

  • Provide your time and skills to stimulate the women's curiosity for learning and social development

  • Make any donations directly to the foundation to keep it's vital work running.


Your role

You role as a volunteer will be to provide extra reading and writing classes within the community, especially to those who don't have the chance to or cannot afford to attend regular local school. This great opportunity will mean an amazing cultural exchange experience for you and a brighter opportunity for the community.


Your Stay

We provide safe, clean and comfortable accommodation, comfortable bedding, excellent breakfast and dinner and housekeeping. This will be a quiet and friendly neighbourhood only 15 minutes from the main hustle and bustle of town. You will have 24 hour gated security, a domestic/cook (who will happily do your laundry for a small fee) and a coordinator who will ensure you settle in quickly and comfortably into your new town. This is a shared home where you will be staying with other volunteers and guests from across the world, so you will never be on your own in your new environment. The house is impeccably clean, well kept, modern and spacious.


How will you get around?

For your placement, you will travel like a local and walk or take public transport. You will need to set a small budget aside for this (around $1 per day by local minibuses, 4 to 5 days per week). It is important you are prepared and comfortable to travel around town, this is a demanding role that requires dedication.


Important VISA & Permit Information

You will be required to pay for a VISA to enter the country at the airport. This is a quick and simple process at arrivals in the airport.