When you undertake volunteer work in Uganda you help to build upon work that started in 2007. A Ugandan NGO was formed by members of a rural community in South-West Uganda, who developed a local school for orphans & other children from poor families, and started community based projects that will equip the villagers with the skills and knowledge to face a safer and brighter future.


The project itself is well integrated into the community and those undertaking volunteer work are always given a warm welcome, especially by the local children who love spending time with volunteers from all ages and backgrounds. We offer what we consider to be the first choice volunteer experience in Uganda.

Volunteering at Uganda Lodge is suitable for whole families, motivated and self-reliant teenagers, and also seniors who are fairly mobile – there are no steps but the ground can be uneven.

You will be in “The Heart of Africa” and you will be staying at a locally owned and run Guest House and working at a School or Medical Centre

Teaching & Childcare 

Anyone can offer help simply by sharing their experiences of life and general knowledge with the villagers.



You need to speak English, and even if you are not a Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) teacher (although useful!), you can go into the classrooms and make a meaningful difference. Experienced teachers can take over a whole class if they wish, after consulting with the teacher on content.

We now have over 500 students in the school next to the accomodation. English conversation is needed for the older children in particular, also showing picture books etc. or simply talking to babies helps nurture their stimulation and growth.


Children at our Nursery School and in the classes from P1 to P6 at the primary schools do love help from our volunteers to learn new rhymes and songs, talk about pictures in books or get inspirations with  craftwork and painting.

We have a series of educational interactive DVD’s that are already translated into Runyankole as well as English, and they can be facilitated by volunteers both at Uganda Lodge using the TV or in the heart of the villages on portable DVD players.

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