Siret Foundation

One future, one goal, one direction.

Already getting ready to volunteer on projects? Great!


Any donations you would like to make or bring in the form of learning/educational toys, books, classroom materials or money donations will go directly to the children and not to Siret Volunteers. We will help you arrange this with no problem and of course it would be very much appreciated.

Where does the money go?

● Emergency rent payments when projects are struggling

● Large food donations
● Support with new start up projects e.g vegetable gardens, playgrounds, new
uniforms for kids, water pumps
● Emergency hospital treatments/medicines when needed
● Building projects


These are long term initiatives that can be achieved when we all work with one goal and
in one direction.


Siret Foundation


you WILL make a difference!

At Siret Volunteers we make a donations to our projects when each of our wonderful volunteers joins the team! Generally, donations are usually given in small parts whenever people are kind enough to give. But it becomes harder and unsustainable when there are not enough donations when projects really need them. We are aiming to raise enough to act when projects need us, to help them keep running. A long term solution to immediate problems.

Therefore The Siret Foundation will act as just that. A fund that will serve to take effective action when there is a real need or a brilliant idea which will benefit the projects and the men, women and children who rely on them.

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