Volunteer to teach and live in a real maasai homestead. The maasai people have a beautiful vibrant culture. These warm and gracious people are well known for welcoming people from all around the world. 

Many maasai girls and boys do not get the chance to complete school. And the opportunity to learn to read and write means they can have a chance for a better future.

As a Siret Volunteer, you will be helping provide basic reading and writing within the Maasai community. You will also have the opportunity to experience they're simple and rural way of life. 

You will stay within a comfortable home in a homestay accommodation nearby the Maasai homestead in a wonderful village. 

You will work alongside local teachers who will support your project. 

You role as a volunteer will be to provide extra reading and writing classes within the community, especially to those who don't have the chance to or cannot afford to attend regular local school. 

This great opportunity will mean an amazing cultural exchange experience for you and a brighter opportunity for the community.

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